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About Salsa Bengaluru

A Blog by The Motley Dance Company

The Latin Dance community in India is a vibrant and exciting one, and Bengaluru is one of the cities at the forefront of its development. This blog aims to strengthen the Latin Dance community in our city by providing, 

  • Thoughtful articles, to foster an informed, educated and communicative community, 

  • Podcasts, interviews and discussions with industry professionals,

  • Listings of dance events for the community to indulge in, and,

  • A plethora of fun and educational videos to supplement your dance study!


Browse through the various types of content available. Leave us a message with your suggestions for topics to cover, or just to say hello! Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve our work.

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Happy Browsing! Happy Dancing!

The Full Story

The word Motley means multicoloured or diverse. We chose this name because we wanted to keep our doors open to different kinds of expressions and different kinds of people. 


As a dance company, we provide dance education in various forms for people of all ages.

We believe in inclusivity across the age and gender spectra.

We host classes in Salsa, Bachata,  Afro-Cuban Rumba, Hip Hop, Bollywood and Shuffle, for children and adults. We host events for the dance community in the city to indulge in.


We enjoy creating engaging dance content across different media, and through this blog we aim to reach out to our dance community as well as foster its growth. 

If you’d like to get to know us, head over to our “TEAM” page. 

Leave us a message if you have something to say.

We love compliments and encouragement!

And we take constructive feedback with a grain of salt and try to improve from it. 


Here’s hoping you enjoy our page… 


Motley Dance Company

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