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With over a decade of teaching and performing experience, Minoti is one of the country’s most acclaimed salsa dancers. She began her career at the prestigious LVDS dance company where she was Principal dancer, Lead Instructor and Regional Head. The Motley Dance Company is her vision and her brain child. She hopes that Motley will grow into a dance company that fosters a Motley crew of dancers and dance enthusiasts with myriad talents.


  • Finalist at the hit reality TV show held “Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega” and invited back to perform for a second season

  • Winner- Same Gender championship 2013 at the India International Dance Congress

  • Semi Final Qualifier- World Latin Dance Cup 2013- Same gender category

  • Choreographer/Lead dancer for the Semifinal qualifier Team - World Salsa Summit 2014

  • Led the Team competing in the World Salsa Championships ‘12 in Hong Kong and competed in the professional category.

  • 1st Runner up All India Salsa Championship 2008, 2010

  • 2nd Runner up All India Salsa Championship 2009, 2011

  • 1st Runner up- Asian Salsa Open Championship- Hong Kong 2007



Kalpana is a well-known exponent of latin dance, having a decade worth of experience. She is known for her depth of knowledge, affable nature and innovative ways of teaching.


She started training in Salsa in Hyderabad and soon became a pioneer of the Hyderabad Salsa scene. She choreographed and performed extensively with the Furor Hyderabad team in International Salsa Congresses. After moving to Bangalore, she trained intensively under Alex Diaz (USA). She traveled to New York & San Francisco and learned from the greats of Salsa. She's been trained in Rumba and Afro Cuban styles by Luanda Pau from London.


Kalpana is a certified salsa instructor. Her classes are filled with laughter and fun and her excellent sense of humor has students coming back for more. She is detailed and patient and constantly encourages her students to try harder and will settle for nothing less than their best.


She is a strong stage performer as well and has been a part of several Latin performances and competitions.


  • Won best social dancer at Chennai Dance Festival 2010

  • As a part of the Furor Team, Won 2 years in a row team championship at India International Dance Congress. 2014, 2015

  • As a part of Sazon de India, Won the stargate competition at Warsaw Salsa Congress, 2017

  • Performed on stage at Pune International Dance Congress alongside Mambo diva Selene Tovar

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Manoj started his career as a hip-hop dancer but with his voracious appetite for all things dance related, he extensively trained in Salsa and other Latin dance forms, contemporary dance and dabbled in jazz and ballet.

He is a passionate instructor and is well loved by his numerous students. 
He’s a favourite with kids and has directed school productions for some of the most prestigious schools in the state including, Bishop Cotton Boys High School, St.Joseph’s Boys and Amber Valley Residential School.


  • Winner of All India Team Championship, which was Qualifiers for World Salsa Summit in MIAMI,2013

  • 1st runners up at ALL INDIA SALSA CHAMPIONSHIP in PRO CATEGORY, 2011

  • Winner Hip-Hop street dance competition at KINGFISHER WORLD 10K DANCE CHALLENGE, 2009

  • He also appeared on the National Television show “ENTERTAINMENT KE LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGA”

  • He has also taught workshops at various International Dance Festivals like- India International Salsa Congress, India International Dance Congress, India Fiesta Latina, Kolkata International Salsa Congress, Goa International Salsa Festival, Chennai Salsa Festival

  • He was also one of the choreographers for TEAM INDIA forDance World Cup for Team LVDS; Team India won 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze at Dance World Cup 2016 and 1 Bronze at Dance World Cup 2015.



Khushboo Shahzade Khan is a versatile dancer and an intuitive teacher. She has a diploma in Dance from the ISPTD and during the programme trained and built a strong foundation in various forms including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian classical and folk forms. As a teacher, she is articulate, warm and friendly. Spreading dance love everywhere is her motto.


  • ISPTD certified in Diploma in dance.

  • She was trained by International teachers in Hip-Hop, House, Waacking, Locking, Electric Boogaloo and Irish dancing.

  • She participated in United Indian Dance Camp (India’s Biggest Dance Camp).

  • She has performed at Fbb Femina Miss India South Regionals 2018

  • Performed at different cities across India.

  • She has choreographed annual productions for various schools.

  • Choreographed various wedding productions.

  • Conducted regular dance training sessions at various NGOs.

  • Taught dance workshops at various camps and events.

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