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10 Best Dance Scenes from Movies

According to me, in no particular order!

Movie Night with popcorn
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The idea was to write something “light” this week. But, this was a very difficult list to make. It took forever to curate, mostly thanks to getting sucked down several “YouTube binge” rabbit holes. Anyway, here it is:

  1. America- West Side Story

Rita Moreno and George Chakiris go head to head in this dance number bantering about the Nuyorican experience- the opportunity and freedom to build a good life vs the alienation from one’s familiar experiences coupled with the discrimination that immigrants face. The feisty duo bring tons of attitude to this dance, matching each other, step for step in Jerome Robbins’ ingenious choreography.

2. Another day of Sun- La La Land

This is my dream…to live in a world where traffic jams turn into elaborately choreographed dance numbers. Another Day of Sun is an ode to life in Los Angeles, where life can get messy and difficult, yet come morning is another day of sun, and you get to wake up and chase your dreams all over again.

Choreographed by Mandy Moore, for Damien Chazelle’s magnum opus La La Land, this incredible dance sequence featured dozens of dancers on a freeway ramp that had to be shut down for two days, as they pirouette through the stalled traffic and back flip off car hoods!

3. I Won’t Dance- Step Up 2

Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner’s, Moose and Camille feature in this super cute dance in the streets, to Frank Sinatra’s “I Won’t Dance”. It remains a firm favourite for me despite all the other heavy hitters in the Step Up franchise!

4.Maari Thala- Maari

SURPRISE! Bet you didn’t expect to see this here!

This one is for my South Indian peeps! Nothing really gets us moving like a good ole “koothu” number. Maari has all the elements of the cool koothu while still giving us crisp choreography and clean dancing!

Capturing life in the criminal underbelly of Chennai, the song talks about this badass local gangster Maari, a hardened, remorseless and powerful goon portrayed by Dhanush. Dhanush dances with such incredible energy and style, supported by an ensemble of great dancers.

5. Singing in the Rain- Singing in the Rain

Ah! The carefree, heady feeling of falling in love! Gene Kelly exemplifies this in Singing in the Rain, splashing through puddles, climbing on lamp posts and getting absolutely soaked…all while holding a rather large umbrella! But who cares about getting a little drenched when you’re so euphorically in love!

6. Cell Block Tango- Chicago

A broken pipe and a wet dance floor is a nightmare for any dancer, especially in a competition, with your pride and a lot more at stake! But the House of Pirates improvise and give us this super slick dance number to Madcon’s Beggin’. Adam Sevani proves, yet again, that he’s one of the Step Up Franchise’s most special dancers.

8. Malhari- Bajirao Mastani

The dance of the triumphant! Malhari, celebrates an exhilarating victory through dance. Ranveer Singh does what he does best, bringing tons of energy and a tinge of madness to this routine that I never tire of watching.

9. Jumpin Jive- Stormy Weather

Fred Astaire is rumoured to have called this “the greatest dance he’d ever seen on film”. The Nicholas brothers shot this dance, completely unrehearsed and in one take. Nuff said!

10. Time of my life- Dirty Dancing

This one is on the list because of the inimitable charm of Patrick Swayze! How Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey managed to drum up that kind of chemistry, despite disliking each other is a mystery! Time of My Life has to be the best way to end any dance film.

What are some of your favourite dances from the Movies?

Let us know in the comments!

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1 Comment

There is a movie in Telugu called "Swarnakamalam" ... You might want to check out the dance sequences from that movie.. though you might not understand the lyrics.. also the finale from the movie "Center Stage"

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